Creators, your Stage is here.

Host live video conversations, podcasts, webinars, interviews, Q&As and more. Start your own creative live video community.


Audience Chat

Each event has its own chat for public and private discussions. Promote users to moderators, silence or ban trolls. Users can also share GIFs, play sound bites and more.

Adaptive Streaming

We create multiple live video renditions for your event so everyone can watch. We deliver up to 4K resolution video to users with fast internet speed while bandwidth impaired users get the lower-resolutions.

Video & Chat On-Demand

Replay a livestream on-demand alongside the chat for users who've missed the event. Build a content library to keep your users engaged.


Users can send donations in the form of virtual gifts. We process payments for your users and payouts for your creators.

Transparent fees

Your platform take home 85% of donations. We keep 15% to cover payment processing fees and to provide billing support to your users.

Creators earnings

You are in control of your creators earning rate. Pay anywhere from 10-80% of donations to your creators.

Flexible payouts

You and your creators can get paid whenever you decide. Request a payout daily via bank transfer, check or PayPal.
Fraud protection
Billing support

Grow your community

It's your hard-earned audience. Own the relationship with your users instead of sending them to third-party platforms.

Direct messaging
Exclusive forums
Build your brand

Who is this for?

Content creators, studios and businesses who want to get into live video streaming and own their platform.

Why not use third-party platforms?

You're always at risk of being de-platformed, i.e., banned and losing your revenues. Rules and culture can change at any moment—you're not in charge.

Are they really my users?

100%. Users subscribe to your platform and their information is not shared with anyone else. You can communicate with your users by email or direct message.

Who set the rules?

Your users are bound to your terms of use. You must follow applicable laws and regulations imposed by our payment processing partners.

Can I use any name I want?

You will need to register your own domain name to use our service. If you don't have one already, we'll assist you to set one up.

Who provides technical support?

You do. It's your platform and your users. You are responsible to on-board them and help them out. If there is a bug with the platform, our engineers will of course take care of it.

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Managed services from $99/month

Get our full support, saving you the pain and complexity of doing it yourself.

Simultaneous Events135
HD (1080p) Video
UHD (4K) Video
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Unlimited Viewers
Unlimited Streaming Hours
Adaptive Streaming
Secure Delivery
Privacy Restrictions
Branding Control
Audience Chat
Private Messaging
Discussion Forums

Managed Services FAQ


More control and flexibility, deploy on your own infrastrucure.

Public CloudOn-Prem
Deploy on Kubernetes with Amazon Web Services, Azure or Google Cloud PlatformDeploy on physical hardware, virtual environment or private cloud.
$499Contact us
4 vCPU nodes/moLicense
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Self-managed FAQ

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Solo, Pro and Studio plans are currently unavailable.